Jeff Kase

For County Executive

Jeff Kase is the best candidate for Cecil County because he cares about the issues that face its citizens. He believes in putting Cecil County first: improving our infrastructure, assuring our schools remain funded, and focusing on the opioid crisis. Jeff cares about Cecil County and won’t raise taxes!

Vision, Issues, & Values

Jeff Kase is the leadership this County needs. Jeff will not raise taxes. He will reach across the aisle and work with members of County Council to build the best Cecil County possible. Jeff believes in growing our economy by attracting businesses to Cecil and supporting the local businesses that are the backbone of our towns. He also believes in getting broadband internet to everyone in the county to support our businesses, our schools, and all our residents. Jeff will work hard to keep a balanced budget without raising taxes.


A thriving economy. Jeff Kase believes that Cecil County should be a hub for Mid-Atlantic commerce, utilizing our key location to bring in innovators from around the country. Jeff also knows that small businesses are the backbone of our County and he aims to make Cecil a location where all small businesses can flourish.

A balanced budget. Jeff Kase will strive to keep the budget for Cecil County balanced and fair—without raising taxes. In addition, Jeff will work to make sure Cecil County keeps its bond rating.

A compassionate approach to the opioid crisis. Jeff Kase believes in better funding for treatment programs and transitional housing. He would like to create the role of a peer counselor in the courts to help addicts find help instead of incarceration. Jeff will also work with local non-profits to create a Mobile Crisis Team that works for Cecil County.

The Leadership Our County Needs Right Now

About Jeff

Jeff Kase has been a resident of Cecil County for almost 14 years. He graduated from Del Tech Community College with an associates degree in Electrical Engineering and has worked as an engineer and programmer in the HVAC field since 1988.

Jeff is passionate about human rights and is fiscally conservative. He believes that most people have more in common with each other than the current political climate would lead you to think and is old school in the sense that he thinks compromise is a valued political quality, and as such is looking forward to working with everyone on all sides of the political spectrum to advance Cecil County in the best possible manner that will benefit ALL citizens of Cecil County.

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