Key Issues

My vision for a better Cecil County

Jeff Kase is the best candidate for Cecil County because he cares about the issues that face its citizens. He believes in putting Cecil County first: improving our infrastructure, assuring our schools remain funded, and focusing on the opioid crisis. Jeff cares about Cecil County and won’t raise taxes!

Budget & Taxes

Jeff Kase will strive to keep the budget for Cecil County balanced and fair—without raising taxes. In addition, Jeff will work to make sure Cecil County keeps its bond rating.



Jeff Kase believes that Cecil County should be a hub for Mid-Atlantic commerce, utilizing our key location to bring in innovators from around the country. Jeff also knows that small businesses are the backbone of our County and he aims to make Cecil a location where all small businesses can flourish.


Jeff Kase knows investing in our schools is what attracts businesses and homeowners to Cecil County. He will work to fund public schools that retain highly qualified teachers and support job training programs. Jeff aims to make sure Cecil County offers top notch education.


Opioid Epidemic

Jeff Kase believes the opioid epidemic needs to be addressed long before people end up in prison or rehab. Opportunities need to be created to give these folks a chance before they turn to opioids. Education, employment, after school programs, community recreation opportunities, that’s where we need to start. Of course, we need to address treatment options, too, but if we can focus on curing the problem before it becomes a problem, we’ll be ahead of the game.


Jeff recognizes that agriculture is an important part of Cecil County and will work with local farmers to keep lands operational, profitable, and sustainably.

2nd Amendment

Jeff supports the rights of Cecil County gun owners. He believes in a right to bear arms.



Jeff Kase will work to protect the Chesapeake Bay and its watershed in the Cecil County area, preserving the natural beauty of the County for residents, watermen, and visitors.


Rural Broadband

Jeff will strive to make broadband internet accessible to everyone in Cecil County.


Countdown til Election Day